IPC Parents

Parents @ IDRIS Premier College

IPC is a coeducational institution. It was established in 1996 but approved in 1998 by the State Ministry of Education, to provide qualitative education with enhanced moral discipline to students from diverse background.

The school has carved out for itself a new world of excellence with staff and students who are dedicated, devoted and devout to achieve the set goals. The academic/moral standard is very high but the students and staff are trained to face the challenges towards achieving this standard.

General Information and Transport
IPC is located at 9 Awule Road, Akure South Local Govt Area of Ondo State, Nigeria, and West Africa. It is in the earth of the town with over 300000 people in the neighborhood. The common language is English and the people are industrious, accommodating and peaceful the weather here is probably significantly different from your home country. However the weather is significantly pleasant throughout the year. Summer and spring offer temperatures varying from about 23degrees to 31degrees whilst autumn and winter see temperatures varying from 10 to 20 degrees Centigrade.